Professional Cutlery – Do You Need It?

High quality professional cutlery can add efficiency to your meal preparation and quality to the end product.  Professional cutlery is typically a step above what the home cook would choose; however, it is a fine choice for a serious cooking fan.  A variety of companies produce professional cutlery, and it may be found at restaurant suppliers, at fine cooking supply shops, and online.  Quality professional cutlery is a fine gift for a passionate home cook, and will serve well in both a professional and home kitchen for years to come.

Professional cutlery is typically distinguished from the average home cutlery in several ways.  First and foremost, expect more durable materials in professional cutlery.  The blades will hold up better for long term use, handles may be both heavier and more ergonomic, and the knife should hold an edge very well when sharpened.

Professional cutlery is also more expensive, but it is an investment that will be worthwhile for many cooks.  A good quality knife will allow for safer, faster chopping, as more even cuts produce a higher quality food product.  The durability will save money over the life of your professional cutlery.

While chefs and others may clearly have a need for professional cutlery, as with other professional grade kitchen gear, a devoted and passionate home cook may well enjoy having professional cutlery for daily use.  Easily cared for with gentle hand washing and regular sharpening, professional cutlery will be an enjoyable addition to any kitchen for many years to come.