Katherine’s Gourmet Cooking Just Launched

KatherinsGourmetCookingFBDoes the idea of saving money and creating a gourmet meal for your friends and family appeal to you? I thought so and that is what this volume of the Know About Cooking series is all about. It has 40 recipes that are sure to please and they have step by step instructions, so they are very easy to follow. The Main Dishes category has favorites such as Standing Rib Roast and Veal Marsala. The Side Dishes cover steaming and roasting vegetables and a great recipe for Risoto. There is an entire category for Pasta, including 2 pasta dough recipes. Everybody loves Lasagna – right? The Sauces and Miscellaneous Stuff has a Hollandaise Sauce and Bernaise Sauce that you finish in a blender. Easy! And Standing Rib Roast just screams for Horseradish Sauce. Grab a copy today and start wowing your dinner guests.