Should You Diet Or Not?

So, you’ve decided to lose a few pounds. Time to decide which diet you’re going to try out. Well, let’s see, there’s the grapefruit diet, the zone diet, the high protein diet, the low carb diet (probably the same as the high protein diet), the liquid diet, the Mayo clinic diet, the fruit diet, the cleansing diet, the cabbage soup diet, the rotation diet, the rice diet, the 1200 calorie diet, the 1500 calorie diet, the 3 day diet, the 4 day diet, the South Beach diet, the Adkins diet, the Mediterranian diet and that’s just to name a few. Then you have a much longer list of diet pills and patches that I won’t bother to list. Oh, in case you haven’t heard, Alli has just been recalled. Seems it causes liver damage. Thank you again FDA.

I have only one question for you. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? OK, I have two questions. Do you have any idea WHY there are so many “diets” out there? Well, you’ll probably say “one diet may not work for everyone”. There may be some truth to that theory,but let me tell you a quick story.

A friend of mine got engaged. It was a happy day for the lucky couple and all of their friends. They were perfect for each other. She decided that she needed to lose 15 pounds  before the big day. The wedding was set for 8 months from then, so she had plenty of time.

To make a very long story short, she went on a diet. Lost 4 pounds and couldn’t lose any more. She went on a different diet. Lost 2 pounds and couldn’t lose any more. She repeated this process through 6 different diets.  Now, all of this was combined with doing aerobics EVERY day. She finally lost a grand total of 9 pounds. The wedding was now 2 months away, so she resorted to liposuction to get rid of those last 6 pounds.

Can anybody guess why she couldn’t lose those last 6 pounds? She had screwed up her metabolism so badly that she could eat nothing and drink only water for a week and she still wouldn’t lose any weight.

I think the reason there are so many diets on the market is so that the people selling the diet can make a lot of money. Yes, you may lose a few pounds adhering to a diet for a few weeks, but can you keep it up? Do you expect to resume your regular eating habits and keep that weight off?

Let me outline a simple weight loss concept.  Eliminate preservatives from your diet. Think about it. What types of foods contain preservatives? Foods that come in a box or a crinkly plastic bag. Packaging with labels on them. Ever see a list of ingredients on an apple? What about a stalk of celery?

Now, I realize that dry goods like oatmeal and baking goods come in packages, but you can read the label and choose items that don’t have preservatives in them. If you can eliminate that ONE thing from your diet, you can conservatively lose 5 pounds per month.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to buy organic when possible. Cook your meats yourself. Don’t buy frozen precooked anything. Try to reduce fats. Use Olive oil for cooking and make your own mayonnaise. Learn to read your labels. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Just my opinion.