Buffalo Wings – The Ultimate Football Party Food

Buffalo Wings are one of the best things about a football party. They are simple to make and everybody loves them.

The origin of Buffalo Wings is the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and they were first prepared and served in the early ’60s. There are at least five different version of how the recipe came to be, but regardless of whichever one is right, we are eternally grateful.

People prepare Buffalo Wings many different ways. Some use only the section called the drummet, some cut the tip of the thin part of the wing off, but, I leave it totally intact. My reasoning is that the tip gives you something to hold onto while eating it, lol. Just prep the wing any way you want to. The important part of wing making is the procedure anyway.

What is the procedure, you ask? This is so simple, there is no need to even put it in the standard recipe format.

Buffalo Wings

  • Deep fry your wings according to your deep fryer manual instructions.
  • Mix together equal parts of Texas Pete (or Crystal, or whatever is your favorite hot sauce) and melted butter.
  • Cover wings with sauce and toss to make sure the sauce totally covers your wings.

Now, how easy was that? Serve celery sticks and blue cheese dressing on the side and you’re ready to party. During a football game, I will typically make at least four to five batches of wings throughout the game. I don’t like my wings cold or soggy and they are so easy to make, I can whip up a batch in no time.

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