Crispy Homemade French Fries

Do you ever wonder why french fries at restaurants are so much crispier than the ones you make from scratch at home? Do you want to know how to make french fries that aren’t soggy and limp? The restaurants cut their potatoes in large batches and soak them in water until they are ready to […] Read more »

Chicken Soup Cures Almost Anything

Chicken Soup

It really doesn’t matter what time of year it is when it comes to Chicken soup. This is the essence of comfort food. Feeling a little down? Chicken soup. Slight runny nose? Chicken soup. Feeling neglected by your significant other? Chicken soup. You get the picture. Scientists have confirmed that chicken soup can help cure […] Read more »

Buffalo Wings – The Ultimate Football Party Food

Buffalo Wings are one of the best things about a football party. They are simple to make and everybody loves them. The origin of Buffalo Wings is the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and they were first prepared and served in the early ’60s. There are at least five different version of how the […] Read more »