Katherine’s Gourmet Cooking Just Launched

Does the idea of saving money and creating a gourmet meal for your friends and family appeal to you? I thought so and that is what this volume of the Know About Cooking series is all about. It has 40 recipes that are sure to please and they have step by step instructions, so they […] Read more »

Win a Copy of Katherine’s Southern Cooking in Paperback Format

I am running a Goodreads Giveaway from now through May 9, 2012. I will be giving away three copies. Will you be one of the lucky winners? Goodreads Book Giveaway Katherine’s Southern Cooking by Katherine Baldwin Giveaway ends May 09, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win Good Luck! Read more »

Now Available In Paperback – I’ll Have The Soup and Salad

You can now get the paperback version of I’ll Have The Soup and Salad from Amazon. It’s already ranking at #29 for the Salad category! Very exciting stuff. I will be offering the Kindle version free tomorrow, December 20, 2012 so you can grab a copy then. If you like it, you may just want […] Read more »

Katherine’s Southern Cooking

This book has 40 step by step recipes that cover most of the traditional Southern foods that I learned how to cook from my Mother and Grandmother. However, I have adjusted them to use extra virgin olive oil and spices instead of the traditional method of seasoning them with salt pork and bacon drippings. I […] Read more »

I’ll Have The Soup And Salad


Enjoy preparing your own Soup and Salad at home instead of going out to a restaurant. Our new cookbook “I’ll Have The Soup And Salad” can help you out with that. It has a section called “The Basics” to help you build some of the stepping stones that will make homemade delicious soups easier to […] Read more »

Spicy Chicken Creole

This is my variation of Shrimp Creole for those who prefer to not eat shellfish. Some people are allergic to shellfish and are unable to eat any variety of it. This gives them an alternative using chicken, but the flavor is definitely still there for lovers of Creole. SPICY CHICKEN CREOLE 4 Tbs Extra Virgin […] Read more »

Roasted Turkey and Giblet Gravy Recipe

It’s that time of year when turkey takes over as the main dish in almost every home in America. Yes, it’s time for Thanksgiving. There is a chill in the air, commercials for Christmas have started to run and rival football teams are practicing for that once a year showdown with their arch enemies. So, […] Read more »